You will be sure to find your favorite bread, sweets, chocolate, desserts or something else to tickle your taste buds here

At Vincenz it’s all about the bakery, patisserie and confectionery. Every day you’ll find a beautiful selection of crispy breads, speciality breads which we change constantly, and a wide range of small pastries here. Our patisserie will satisfy your hunger for sweet pastries, speciality cakes and delicacies to go with your coffee. And our confectioners will entice you with chocolate specialities and much more. "To Go" – at Vincenz, there’s always something for when you’re on the go, from sandwiches to soup to coffee. Our job is only done when we have satisfied your needs.

What’s a Swiss breakfast without crispy or braided breads? Unheard of!

An assortment of breads made with passion and pride

You will find a wide range of breads, including many special varieties such as corn bread, fruit bread, Swiss Bürli bread or 5-grain bread and bread rolls, croissants and Schoggibrötli on our shop counter. Everything is made by hand with a lot of passion. ’Time is our driving force’ is Stefan Baumann’s motto. Here the pieces of dough are given time to mature to make them lighter and help them stay fresh for longer. It goes without saying that only the best and preferably local ingredients are used.

Visit our shop in the centre of Wengen or you can enjoy our bread in various hotels in Wengen.

Hearty, traditional baked goods – sweet or salty

Is there anything else apart from bread? Hopefully! From hazelnut croissants to the much loved pastry swirls, Berliner or Schoggibrötli, to cheesecakes or sausage rolls, you will always find a wide selection to satisfy your appetite or your desire. In addition to sweet and salty baked goods, our bakers also make traditional bakes, such as pear breads, Linzer torte or nut tarts – excellent baked goods to take away and give to someone as a present.

Visit our shop in the centre of Wengen or you can also order something traditional by email or post.

Cakes and specialities are made by hand with great care and enthusiasm.

Dessert and sweet treats

A coffee? Yes please, but preferably with something else on the side! In addition to sweet pastries, you can also expect a beautiful selection of cakes, depending on the season. And if you’d like a little more for dessert, go for the Bernese classic, the meringue. Available plain, or with chocolate chips or wild berries. Aren’t the Biberli gorgeous?

Of course you can also go for chocolate – take a look at our specialities.

Canapés, party breads or mini bakes for a successful event

Networking is an everyday occurrence. Your event will be all the better with nibbles or a canapé or dessert buffet. Whether spicy or sweet, meat, vegetarian or vegan – Vincenz in Wengen offers you these in handy small, bite-sized portions, beautifully presented and with everything in precisely calculated quantities

We will be happy to make suggestions tailored to your event.

Uncomplicated, fresh food on the move

You can expect our wares to be freshly prepared every day, from sandwiches to cookies to delicious "soup to go", so you can also eat on the move. Your morning coffee awaits you in our take-out area, either to drink on the spot or to take away. Stop by, there’s always something new waiting for you, something fresh.

Vincenz specialities – to enjoy yourself or give to someone else as a gift