Welcome to our new website

The new website for Vincenz bakery, patisserie and confectionery following its reopening. Clearly organized in both German and English.

Wengen, 29 November 2019

Following the re-opening in summer 2019, the website has now been adapted to include the new philosophy of Stefan Baumann and Alessia Uberto. Fresh, clear and very contemporary, visitors will learn the most important things about the products and the new management duo. Vincenz bakery and patisserie would also like to reach visitors from outside the mountains with their new website. Visitors and guests who have been to Wengen once should be able to stay in touch via the website and order "supplies" online.

And so that guests outside Switzerland can understand it too, it’s all in English. The site will continue to develop and will also offer a shop in the foreseeable future, so that guests can order their specialities from home.

We are happy you visited our website and would love to welcome you personally whenever you are in Wengen. A visit to these fascinating mountains is always an enriching experience.