Do you eat bread, enjoy dessert and dream of chocolate?

At Vincenz bakery and patisserie we leave bread to rest for a long time to improve the flavor and wholesomeness. When it comes to chocolate, we make sure it’s Grand Cru, so you can detect the nuances of the flavor on your palate. Sweet, simple and traditional baked goods will make your coffee break magical. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll never forget the sheer pleasure. Try it out yourself – we look forward to seeing you here in Wengen.

Bread & cookies

The long resting time makes our baked goods more tolerable to sensitive stomachs and makes them taste better. Combine this with traditional grains and they are always something to savor.

Every day!

Chocolate specialities

Only the finest chocolate finds its way into our pralines. This, combined with different flavors, will make your taste buds think they are dreaming.

Give them as a gift!


Traditional pastry swirls, hazelnut croissants or Linzer torte? All classics that will have you asking for more when you’ve finished them. Try them!

Enjoy them yourself!

When they are made with so much warmth, sweet things become a double treat

Come visit us in Wengen

Wengen is always worth a visit. A fantastic mountain panorama and purest nature awaits you in the Bernese Oberland. And don’t forget to make a little detour to see us before you go home. There’s always room for a chocolate souvenir in your luggage

The whole Vincenz team is ready to welcome you and is looking forward to your visit.

Something to nibble on right now

More sweet pastries

«Blüemli-Schoggi» chocolates from Wengen

Further specialities